Hai Ky Mi Gia - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:

Facility Type:Full Service Restaurant
Inspection type:Follow-up
Inspection date:February 06, 2013
Number of critical violations:0
Number of non-critical violations:  0

Definition of critical and non critical violations


No violations were found during the inspection


The purpose of this visit was to conduct a follow-up inspection to determine compliance with the requirements of an Informal Conference Results Letter issued on January 24, 2013. The following violations did not exist at the time of this follow-up inspection: 3-501.14(A)(2) Cooling The permit holder has complied with the following directives agreed upon at the informal conference held on January 22, 2013. 1) Mr. Phan has purchased stainless steel containers to help facilitate rapid cooling. 2) Mr. Phan has purchased and used an ice wand to help facilitate rapid cooling. 3) Mr. Phan has not covered containers that are in the process of cooling. 4) Mr. Phan has maintained cooling logs since January 22, 2013. This inspection finds that you are in compliance with the requirements outlined in the Informal Conference Letter. No further enforcement action is required. The food establishment shall return to normal inspection frequency.