Thai Pilin Restaurant - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:

Facility Type:Full Service Restaurant
Inspection type:Routine
Inspection date:February 04, 2013
Number of critical violations:5
Number of non-critical violations:  5

Definition of critical and non critical violations


A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code   Observation / Corrective Action
6-301.12(A)  Corrected During Inspection Observed that paper towels were not provided at bathroom handwashing sink. employee placed towels by handsink
Provide paper towels at each hand sink to allow employees to properly dry their hands after handwashing.
3-302.11(A)(2)  Corrected During Inspection Critical Different types of raw animal foods stored in such a manner that may cause cross contamination as follows: raw chicken and raw calamari were stored together. food employee put chicken on seperate plate.
Raw animal foods shall be sorted by their "type" and cooking temperatures while in storage inside a refrigerator or freezer. For example, if using ONE shelving unit for storage of ONLY raw foods, the foods shall be sorted in this manner: 1) raw poultry (chicken, turkey, or duck) shall be stored on the BOTTOM shelf (165°F cook temperature), 2) raw ground beef and ground pork shall be stored on the shelf above poultry (155°F cook temperature), and 3) raw pork (chops, ribs), seafood, and shell eggs shall be stored on the top shelf above beef (145°F cook temperature).
4-602.11(C)  Corrected During Inspection Critical Observed knives and scissors located in containers in kitchen and food prep area that are not being cleaned at least every 4 hours. food employee cleaned food contact surfaces.
Food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils must be cleaned and sanitized at least every 4 hours to prevent contamination by bacterial growth.
3-501.16(A)(2)(a)  Corrected During Inspection Critical The following food item(s) were observed cold holding at improper temperatures using a calibrated food temperature measuring device: cut tomatoes 45F, raw shrimp 52F, raw scallop 56F, raw beef 46F, crab meat 47F, cooked tofu 44F, cooked dumplings 44F. Items were out were less than 2 hours so CFM was instructed to put items back in a cooler or freezer.
Potentially hazardous foods (time/temperature control for safety food) shall be held cold at a temperature of 41°F or below unless the permit holder is using "time as public health control" as specified under 3-501.19 to limit bacteria growth.
3-501.17  Corrected During Inspection Critical The following ready-to-eat food that is made using a combination of ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous ingredients is not properly dated for discard using the date of the first-prepared ingredient: sticky rice and fried chicken in beverage air glass slider cooler, cooked noodles in beverage air 2dr prep unit right. cfm labeled items.
Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food (time/temperature control for safety foods) that combined with additional ingredients, or portions of the same food, must retain the date marking of the earliest or first prepared ingredient.
3-501.19(B)(1)-(4)  Corrected During Inspection Critical Repeat The following food item(s) for which time rather than temperature is used as a control is not marked or otherwise identified to indicate the time that is 4 hours past the point in time when the food is removed from temperature control: curry sauces, cooked chicken. cfm labeled items.
If time only, rather than time in accordance with temperature control, up to a maximum of 4 hours, is used as the public health control the food shall: 1) have an initial temperature of 41°F or less if removed from cold holding temperature OR 135°F or above if removed from hot holding temperature control, 2) be marked or otherwise identified to indicate the time that is 4 hours past the point in time when the food is removed from temperature control, 3) be cooked and served, served if ready-to-eat, or discarded within 4 hours from the point in time when the food is removed from temperature control, and 4) be discarded if unmarked or marked to exceed a 4 hour limit.
4-502.11(B)   The food temperature measuring device was found out of calibration in the range of use.
Food thermometers shall be calibrated in accordance with manufacturer's specifications as necessary to ensure their accuracy. It is suggested that food thermometers be calibrated at least once a week in a cup completely filled with ice and cold water to a temperature of 32°F or calibrated in a pot of boiling water at 212°F.
4-302.14   There is no test kit located in the facility for monitoring the concentration of the chemical sanitizing solutions.
Obtain a BLEACH test kit.
4-602.13   The nonfood-contact surfaces of the following equipment had accumulations of grime and debris: gaskets in beverage air 2dr prep units left and right
Nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment and utensils shall be cleaned at a frequency necessary to preclude accumulation of soil residues.
4-301.14   Grease/Condensation is noted to be accumulating on the walls/ceiling at the (unit). This appears to be due to insufficient ventilation of the hood system.
Ventilation hood systems and devices shall operate properly and be sufficient in number and capacity to prevent grease or condensation from collecting on walls and ceilings.


Today’s inspection was to conduct a routine assessment inspection. Water Heater: Rheem Ruud ES85-24-G, KW 24 Dish Machine: Ecolab ES2000, Chemical Sanitizer Please fax me a copy of the Beverage Air 2dr prep cooler (across cookline) by February 15, 2013. Mussels are received packaged and frozen. FOR MORE INFORMATION: If you have any questions or concerns, please call 703-246-2444. Thank you.