Hunan Tasty - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:

Facility Type:Fast Food Restaurant
Inspection type:Routine
Inspection date:January 30, 2013
Number of critical violations:4
Number of non-critical violations:  8

Definition of critical and non critical violations


A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code   Observation / Corrective Action
2-103.11(L)  Corrected During Inspection Employees are not properly trained in food safety as it relates to their assigned duties. NOTE: Employees were using the 3 vat sink for cooling cooked shrimp and noodles.
The Person in Charge or certified food manager shall train all his/her employees in food safety as it relates to their assigned duties. 3 vat sink to be used for wash, rinse, sanitize of utensils only. Cooling food items under cold running water must be done in prep sink.
2-201.11(A)(1)-(5)   Critical Upon discussion with the person-in-charge, one or more of the elements of an effective employee health policy is either missing or incomplete. A complete employee health policy is required to be in place at the food establishment. At the time of this inspection, the Health Department provided and reviewed handouts and resource information in a red folder labeled "Employee Health Policy." NOTE: No written employee health policy or signed employee reporting agreements could be located.
A complete employee health policy must have the following elements: 1) Employee training on foodborne illness, particularly symptoms of illness and prevention of the Big Five illnesses (see "What is Foodborne Illness" handout); and 2) Documentation that employees have been instructed of their responsibility to report symptoms of, diagnosis of or exposure to foodborne illness to management (see "Employee Illness Reporting Agreement" handout); and 3) A management plan to restrict or exclude employees, as applicable, who have symptoms, diagnosis or exposure to foodborne illness (see "Employee Illness Decision Guide for PIC/CFM" handout). The information provided at the time of this inspection will help you develop and implement this policy. Handouts are available in the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (traditional), Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Urdu and Vietnamese. If you have any questions about your employee health policy, please contact your area inspector or contact the Health Department at 703-246-2444, TTY 703-591-6435.
3-301.11(C)  Corrected During Inspection Excessive bare hand contact with exposed food that is not in a ready-to-eat form. NOTE: employee working with cooked noodles had no gloves. Employee donned gloves.
Food employees shall minimize bare hand and arm contact with exposed food that is NOT in a ready-to-eat food. Foods like sugar, salt, flour, starch, etc. shall be dispensed using food scoops or utensils that are designed with handles to minimize bare hand contact.
3-302.11(A)(2)  Corrected During Inspection Critical Different types of raw animal foods stored in such a manner that may cause cross contamination as follows: container of raw beef stored directly next to raw chicken in walk-in cooler. NOTE: PIC relocated items appropriately.
Raw animal foods shall be sorted by their "type" and cooking temperatures while in storage inside a refrigerator or freezer. For example, if using ONE shelving unit for storage of ONLY raw foods, the foods shall be sorted in this manner: 1) raw poultry (chicken, turkey, or duck) shall be stored on the BOTTOM shelf (165°F cook temperature), 2) raw ground beef and ground pork shall be stored on the shelf above poultry (155°F cook temperature), and 3) raw pork (chops, ribs), seafood, and shell eggs shall be stored on the top shelf above beef (145°F cook temperature).
3-304.14(B)(1)   Wet wiping cloths used for wiping counters and other equipment surfaces were observed stored on rim of hand sink.
Wet wiping cloths are to be used for wiping counters and other equipment surfaces and are to be held in a chemical sanitizer solution at the appropriate concentration between uses.
3-501.16(A)(2)(a)  Corrected During Inspection Critical The following food item(s) were observed cold holding at improper temperatures using a calibrated food temperature measuring device: Garlic an oil mixture at cookline: NOTE:PIC place garlic and oil mixture container in ice bath.
Potentially hazardous foods (time/temperature control for safety food) shall be held cold at a temperature of 41°F or below unless the permit holder is using "time as public health control" as specified under 3-501.19 to limit bacteria growth.
4-601.11(A)  Corrected During Inspection Critical The following equipment/utensils were observed soiled to sight and touch: Knives stored over prep table next to 3 vat sink. NOTE: PIC washed rinsed and sanitized knives.
Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to the sight and touch. A surface that is soiled cannot be effectively sanitized.
4-901.11(A)   Metal pans were found stacked while wet after cleaning and chemical sanitization.
After cleaning and sanitizing, equipment and utensils shall be air-dried or used after adequate draining before contact with food.
5-205.11(B)  Corrected During Inspection Observed the handsink near the 3 compartment sink with 2 container lids and two wiping clothes in/on sink. NOTE: lids and wiping cloths relocated.
Handsinks are to be used only for washing hands to encourage proper hand washing and to prevent contamination of cleaned hands.
6-202.15(D)(1)-(3)   Both rear door and associated screen door was open at the start of the inspection.
Rear door screen must be in place to provide effective barrier to pests if rear door is left open for ventilation.
6-301.11  Corrected During Inspection Observed that hand soap was not provided at each handwashing sink. NOTE: hand soap provided during inspection.,
Provide hand soap at each hand sink to allow employees to properly wash their hands.
6-501.11   Observed that the overhead light shield over the dry storage area, and rear door screen are damaged so they do not provide intended protection.
Repair the physical facilities. Poor repair and maintenance compromises the functionality of the physical facilities.


The purpose of this visit was to conduct a routine risk inspection. Water heater information: Bradford White MI75S5CN6 PIC advised that all food not consumed at end of the day is disposed of, and that there were no prepared PHF that had been in walk-in cooler >24 hours. Provided EHP Form #1 and Form #2 in English,Chinese, & Spanish, and remaining EHP in English.