Ledo Pizza & Pasta - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:

Facility Type:Full Service Restaurant
Inspection type:Routine
Inspection date:May 07, 2012
Number of critical violations:5
Number of non-critical violations:  10

Definition of critical and non critical violations


A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code   Observation / Corrective Action
43.1-3-3(a)  Corrected During Inspection Critical There is no Certified Food Manager present at the beginning of the inspection.
It shall be unlawful to operate a food establishment unless it is under the immediate control of a certified food manager. It is highly suggested that you have more than one employee with the food manager's license. ORS Interactive, Inc. (see handout provided) issues the required photo identification card with proof of successful completion of a certified food manager's exam. Failure to have a certified food manager on site during ALL hours of operation including food preparation, food service, and cleaning/sanitizing of equipment/utensils will result in closure of the establishment.
6-301.14  Corrected During Inspection Observed that the sign that notifies food employees to wash their hands is not clearly visible above the front hansink. Also observed no handwashing sign at the handsink behind the front counter.
Replace the signs reminding food employees to wash their hands with signs that are clearly visible. PROVIDED EXTRA SIGNS TO MANAGER.
5-205.11(B)   Observed the handsink near the three compartment sink being used to fill up a pitcher with water.
Handsinks are to be used only for washing hands to encourage proper hand washing and to prevent contamination of cleaned hands.
5-202.12(A)   Water from the handwashing sink in both restrooms used by employees and the public was measured at a temperature less than 100°F.
A handwashing sink shall be equipped to provide water at a temperature of at least 100°F through a mixing valve or combination faucet.
4-501.114(A)   Critical The low temperature, chemical warewashing machine was observed with a sanitizing rinse of less than 50ppm.
Immediately discontinue use of the dishmachine. Until the machine is adequately repaired, set up the 3 vat sink to manually wash, rinse and sanitize food-contact surfaces.
4-702.11   Critical The food-contact surfaces of the following equipment were not observed sanitized: any dishes cleaned and sanitized in the dishmachine due to machine being observed without proper chlorine sanitizer concentration..
All utensils and food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be sanitized before use and after cleaning.
4-601.11(A)   Critical The following equipment/utensils were observed soiled to sight and touch: ---slicer and can opener
Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to the sight and touch. A surface that is soiled cannot be effectively sanitized.
3-501.19(B)(1)-(4)  Corrected During Inspection Critical The following food item(s) for which time rather than temperature is used as a control is not marked or otherwise identified to indicate the time that is 4 hours past the point in time when the food is removed from temperature control-------mozarella sauce and pizza sauce.
If time only, rather than time in accordance with temperature control, up to a maximum of 4 hours, is used as the public health control the food shall: 1) have an initial temperature of 41°F or less if removed from cold holding temperature OR 135°F or above if removed from hot holding temperature control, 2) be marked or otherwise identified to indicate the time that is 4 hours past the point in time when the food is removed from temperature control, 3) be cooked and served, served if ready-to-eat, or discarded within 4 hours from the point in time when the food is removed from temperature control, and 4) be discarded if unmarked or marked to exceed a 4 hour limit.
6-202.15(A)(1)-(3)  Corrected During Inspection Window or door is kept open for ventilation and opening is not protected by a screen or other effective means.
Provide screens (16 mesh to 1 inch), air curtains, or other effective means to protect against the entry of insects and rodents. DOOR CLOSED.
3-305.11(A)(3)   Food stored on the floor and/or food stored less than 6 inches off the floor.-------Observed boxes of chicken and bag of onions being stored on the floor in Norlake walkin cooler.
Food shall be protected from contamination by storing the food at least 6 inches off the floor on approved shelving units or dunnage racks. Milk crates, soda crates, or bread racks are not suitable for food storage.
4-101.19   The nonfood-contact surface of the following equipment is not corrosion resistant, nonabsorbent, and/or smooth:-----observed cardboard lining metal shelving.
Non-food contact surfaces of equipment that are exposed to splash, spillage, or other foods that require frequent cleaning shall be constructed of a corrosion-resistant, nonabsorbent, and smooth material.
4-501.12   The cutting board(s) along the prep coolers are heavily scratched and scored. The food contact surface is no longer easily cleaned and sanitized due to condition.
Surfaces such as cutting blocks and boards that are subject to scratching and scoring shall be resurfaced if they can no longer be effectively cleaned and sanitized, or discarded if they are not capable of being resurfaced.
4-501.116   Repeat The operator is not testing the chemical sanitizing solution to ensure proper concentration of the solution.
The operator shall be monitoring the concentration of the sanitizing solution using a test kit or other device.
4-302.14   Repeat There is no test kit located in the facility for monitoring the concentration of the chemical sanitizing solutions.
Obtain a BLEACH test kit.
6-501.16   Observed that mops are improperly stored between use.
Store mops in a position that allows them to air dry without soiling walls, equipment, or supplies.


The purpose of today’s visit was to conduct a routine inspection in conjunction with a foodborne investigation in response to a complaint for a possible foodborne illness received on May 3, 2012. Complaint could not be confirmed. MAINTENANCE: *Water Heater: State SUF60120NE which uses 120,000 BTU which produces 135 GPH of 120F at a 80F rise. *Dish Machine: CMA EAH-2 chlorine sanitizer which uses 74 GPH (new, installed about a year ago) Note: The Health Department approval is required before the facility can purchase and install any new equipment, such as water heater, dish machine and refrigerators. A follow-up inspection will be conducted on or above Thursday, May 17, 2012 to verify that all critical violations have been corrected. Use the dish machine to wash and rinse only and sanitize in the three compartment sink until the machine is serviced. EHS provided manager with Employee Health handouts in English and Spanish (red folder) to use with new employees, extra handwashing signs and a food safety and glove usage poster.