CS Cafe - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:

Facility Type:Fast Food Restaurant
Inspection type:Routine
Inspection date:January 24, 2013
Number of critical violations:1
Number of non-critical violations:  1

Definition of critical and non critical violations


A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code   Observation / Corrective Action
2-201.11(A)(1)-(5)   Critical Upon discussion with the person-in-charge, one or more of the elements of an effective employee health policy is either missing or incomplete. A complete employee health policy is required to be in place at the food establishment. At the time of this inspection, the Health Department provided and reviewed handouts and resource information in a red folder labeled "Employee Health Policy."---The food facility does have employee illness reporting agreement of the symptoms, but does not have the Big five illness.
A complete employee health policy must have the following elements: 1) Employee training on foodborne illness, particularly symptoms of illness and prevention of the Big Five illnesses (see "What is Foodborne Illness" handout); and 2) Documentation that employees have been instructed of their responsibility to report symptoms of, diagnosis of or exposure to foodborne illness to management (see "Employee Illness Reporting Agreement" handout); and 3) A management plan to restrict or exclude employees, as applicable, who have symptoms, diagnosis or exposure to foodborne illness (see "Employee Illness Decision Guide for PIC/CFM" handout). The information provided at the time of this inspection will help you develop and implement this policy. Handouts are available in the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (traditional), Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Urdu and Vietnamese. If you have any questions about your employee health policy, please contact your area inspector or contact the Health Department at 703-246-2444, TTY 703-591-6435.
4-402.11(A)   The following equipment is not installed in a manner that allows accessibility for cleaning, nor is it installed with closely abutting surfaces to minimize the need for cleaning: caulking need at the 3-compartment sink
Equipment that is fixed because it is not easily movable shall be installed so that it is: 1) spaced to allow access for cleaning along the sides, behind, and above the equipment, 2) spaced from adjoining equipment, walls, and ceilings a distance of not more than 1 millimeter or one thirty-second inch, and 3) sealed to adjoining equipment or walls if the equipment is exposed to spillage or seepage.


The purpose of today's visit is to conduct a routine inspection. Water heater: State Sand blaster CSB52405-lFEB, State Turbo Sandblaster SB612027-SFEx2 Dish machine: Hobart AM-15-T-2 EHS provided manager with employee health policy.