Pei Wei Asian Diner - Inspection Report

Inspection Information:

Facility Type:Full Service Restaurant
Inspection type:Routine
Inspection date:January 03, 2013
Number of critical violations:2
Number of non-critical violations:  8

Definition of critical and non critical violations


A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.

Code   Observation / Corrective Action
0620  Corrected During Inspection Repeat Sesame seed stored below service area handsink.
Do not store food items under sinks.
1320   No thermometer in 2-door work-top cooler.
Provide a thermometer in cooler.
1570   1-door 2-drawer cooler at 43 degrees.
Adjust cooler to maintain food at 41 degrees.
1770 C  Corrected During Inspection Food & debris on plastic sink covers.
Clean & sanitize sink covers.
1780  Corrected During Inspection Critical Debris in knives on wall rack.
Clean knives before use, before storing on rack.
1780 E  Corrected During Inspection Debris & mold on ice buckets.
Clean & sanitize ice buckets more frequently.
2000 (A) (B) (D)   Cups at serving line exposed.
Store cups behind a sneeze-guard or behind & below counter.
3030  Corrected During Inspection Repeat No paper towels at cooking line handsink.
Provide towels at handsink.
3045  Corrected During Inspection Repeat No handwashing sign at cooking line handsink.
Post handwashing sign at cooking line handsink.
3340   Critical Gasoline stored in kitchen.
Store gasoline in an approved area.


Discussed Critical Items - Risk Factors that Cause Illness handout with manager. Dishwasher appears to be working properly.