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The mission of the Food Safety Program is to protect the health of all foodservice customers. The internet offers an opportunity to share information which may assist you in being a well-informed foodservice consumer.

The Environmental Health Division regulates all aspects of retail food preparation, storage and service in the City of Alexandria. Construction plans for new and remodeled food facilities are reviewed to ensure proper construction to meet health requirements. Periodic - unannounced environmental health evaluations (inspections) are conducted of all retail foodservice operations. Consumer complaints about food safety are investigated. The Division also conducts training and educational programs for food service managers and workers.

To view the most current food safety evaluations (of retail food facilities, please click on Alexandria or Mobile Vendor at left. This data includes evaluations of foodservice operations for restaurants, school cafeterias, caterers, mobile food units, child care centers, and nursing homes.

If you have searched the links to the left and can’t find what you are looking for:

  • The foodservice facility may be located in a neighboring jurisdiction, like Fairfax County or Arlington County. For example, restaurants located on Little River Turnpike, Leesburg Pike, or Telegraph Road are in Fairfax County and not in the City of Alexandria.
  • The facility’s name may be slightly different than what you would expect. For example, a restaurant called “The Hotspot” might be listed under the letter “T” and not the letter “H”.

Another way to search for a restaurant if you don’t know its name but you know the street where it is located, you can enter the street name. For example, if you enter “King” for King Street, the website will list all restaurants with King in the name as well as all restaurants located on any street containing the name King.

  • The facility is permitted by the Alexandria Health Department under the local food safety ordinance, but would not be regulated by the Virginia Department of Health under state regulations. For example, grocery stores, convenience stores, meat markets, and bakeries fall only under the local ordinance. Copies of food safety evaluations conducted at these facilities can be obtained through a Freedom of Information request from

To file a consumer complaint about a food service facility or to report a possible foodborne illness, please go to:

For more information on Alexandria’s food safety program, including information on interpreting food safety evaluation reports or on the Health Department’s food safety evaluation or enforcement processes, please go to: