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The Fairfax County Health Department provides public health services to over 1,150,000 citizens and visitors of the Fairfax Health District. This district includes the County of Fairfax, the City of Fairfax, the City of Falls Church, and the towns of Clifton, Herndon, and Vienna.

The Fairfax County Health Department considers the prevention of foodborne illness and food safety of paramount importance. The task of ensuring that safe food is served from restaurants and other food establishments is the responsibility of the Consumer Protection Program.

The Consumer Protection Program regulates over 3200 permitted food establishments within the Fairfax Health District. These establishments include full-service restaurants, fast food, food facilities at public and private schools and day care, institutional cafeterias, seasonal snack bars, and mobile food vehicles and carts. The program also inspects and permits 700 to 800 temporary food stands at festivals and carnivals annually.

The goal of the Consumer Protection Program is to prevent foodborne illness by ensuring that food prepared and served by food establishments is safe prepared under sanitary conditions. This is accomplished by reviewing plans and conducting pre-operational inspections for new or remodeled establishments before granting approval for their operation, conducting unannounced inspections, responding to citizen complaints, providing food safety information, and holding food safety workshops.

This webpage lists the inspection reports for food establishments in the Fairfax Health District permitted under the Fairfax County Code, Fairfax City Code, or Falls Church City Code, respectively.