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The Environmental Division of the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department promotes public health by addressing many of the environmental factors that can affect human health. The primary role of the environmental staff is to prevent human illness or injury through public education, regulation and advocacy. Sanitarians in the department perform a wide variety of public health functions which include inspection, regulation, and enforcement of food facilities, public swimming pools/spas, campground/RV parks, manufactured home parks, beaches and tattoo/body piercing establishments.

Clean Air Recreation
Kanawha Charleston Health Department Clean Indoor Air Regulation went in effect July, 2008. Inspect public swimming pools, spas and hot tubs, campgrounds, parks and other public facilities and events.
Disaster & Disease Sewage
Provide instruction and technical assistance during natural disasters. Conduct animal encounter investigations and submit rabies samples as required. Advise and assist with solid waste and indoor air pollution problems as needed. Permit, inspect and approve on-site wastewater system installations. Work with subdivisions, sewage treatment plants, home aeration units and septic tank cleaners to insure that the regulations governing them are followed.
Food Water
Permit and inspect all businesses or establishments that sell food to the public. Examples include restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals, day cares, temporary food stands, retail establishments, etc. Permit, inspect and sample private water supplies. Collect compliance samples from public water systems to assure safe water quality.
Housing Fees
Inspect hospitals, day care centers, schools, mobile home parks, hotels/motels, and other public facilities. Evaluate water and sewage systems for lending institutions. Permits and Service for Current Year
The Division of Environmental Health is engaged in other projects and programs that impact the health of our citizens.

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