Ohio Department of Health

Welcome to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection’s (BEHRP) Web portal, which allows users to view and utilize up-to-date information related to the inspection of restaurants, swimming pools, campgrounds and other licensed facilities throughout the state. Additional environmental health programs will be added in the future.

This site is a true example of collaboration and partnership between ODH and many of Ohio’s local health districts. It is the compilation of many hours of work by BEHRP staff and many staff from Ohio’s local health districts to fully implement an electronic data system for statewide environmental health programs. This project and system are referred to as Environmental Health Data System Integration (EHDSI) project.

On this site you will have the ability to make contact with participating local health districts; look up inspection reports from your favorite licensed facility; or view the latest in food/product recall information. While not all local health districts are currently participating, it is anticipated that many more will be online in the future.

Along the left side of this page under “Regional Information” is a list of participating local health districts that currently post inspection reports online. To view inspections of a particular licensed facility, go to the list in “Regional Information” and click on the city or county where the facility is located. Selecting the city or county from the list presented will take you to the appropriate health district's website, where you may find the specific licensed facility of interest. Once you have selected the locality, search by the facility name.

Many facility addresses overlap health jurisdictional boundaries. If you are not certain of the Health District for which to search for a facility, search here for the appropriate health district. You will need a complete address; including street number and name, city, and zip code, to complete the search.

For more information about the Ohio Department of Health and local health districts, please visit the Ohio Department of Health website or our Environmental Health page.