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Welcome to the Highland County General Health District’s Inspection Web portal.  The Environmental Public Health Division promotes public health by addressing many of the environmental factors that can affect human health. The primary role of the environmental staff is to prevent human illness or injury through public education, regulation and advocacy.

HCHD sanitarians perform a wide variety of public health functions which include inspection, regulation, education and enforcement of food facilities, campgrounds, public swimming pools/spas, body art facilities, public schools, jails, resident camps, private water systems, household sewage systems, nuisance complaints, animal bite investigations, etc. 

Inspections are part of the regulatory process to inform and educate operators and to assist them in their efforts to comply with local, state and federal regulations.  The reports created from these inspections are public records and have always been available to the public by request. The HCHD sanitarians have began utilizing a new computer program to create licenses and conduct inspections for certain programs (food, campground, and pool programs) with additional programs to be added in the future.  The new system makes it possible for the inspection reports to be viewed on our website.

Inspections from March 1, 2016 and beyond will be available on the website.  Inspection reports prior to this date are available upon request at our office.  If you are unable to find inspection history for a particular facility it is possible that the facility has been recently licensed or changed ownership.  Facilities with a transferred license do not show inspection history from the prior owner on this website; however this information is available upon request.

Clicking on the appropriate program link on the left side of this page allows access inspection reports conducted in various parts of Highland County.

If you have questions please feel free to visit our website at or contact the Highland County Health Department’s Environmental Health Division at 937-393-1941.

To file a complaint on a licensed facility – contact the local health jurisdiction for which the facility is located in.