Food Facilities
Name Facility Location Last Inspection
Eastway Café100 Eastway Dr 2nd FLR20-Feb-2020
Guys Pizza146 S Water St19-Feb-2020
Mike's Place1700 S Water St18-Feb-2020
Ray's Place135 Franklin Ave18-Feb-2020
Wendy's Restaurant #1484515 E Main St18-Feb-2020
Franklin Hotel Bar176 E Main St Basement18-Feb-2020
The River Merchant911 N Mantua St18-Feb-2020
EuroGyro107 S Depeyster St17-Feb-2020
Penn Station115 N Willow St17-Feb-2020
Kent Dairy Queen Brazier1443 S Water St17-Feb-2020
Original Guido's Pizza & Catering1176 W Main St17-Feb-2020
KSU Market 2 - Second Floor Dining1075 Risman Dr 2nd Floor17-Feb-2020
Domino's Pizza1413 S Water St14-Feb-2020
Wild Goats Café319 W Main St14-Feb-2020
Ice Arena - Snack Bar650 Loop Rd13-Feb-2020
Treno Ristorante152 Franklin Ave13-Feb-2020
Bricco210 S Depeyster St12-Feb-2020
Education Alternatives6662 Cleveland Canton Rd12-Feb-2020
Rosies Diner - Second Floor1525 Leebrick Dr 2nd FLR12-Feb-2020
Battleground425 Cherry St11-Feb-2020
Allerton Sports Complex Concessions1565 Campus Center Dr10-Feb-2020
Eldorado's Pizza Pie1331 S Water St10-Feb-2020
Steak-EEZ120 S Water St10-Feb-2020
Pho King1627 E Main St10-Feb-2020
Belleria Pizza & Italian Restaurant135 E Erie St Suite 2027-Feb-2020
Hillel At Kent State University613 E Summit St7-Feb-2020
AFC Ramen Fusion @ Kent State University1075 Risman Dr Hub7-Feb-2020
The Kentridge Senior Living - Satellite Kitchen5241 Sunnybrook Rd6-Feb-2020
The Kentridge Senior Living5241 Sunnybrook Rd6-Feb-2020
Schwebel Room1075 Risman Dr 3rd Floor4-Feb-2020