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Welcome to the Environmental Health Inspection Website

The Environment Health Division works to prevent disease, promote the health of the community, and protect the environment through the enforcement of local and state rules and regulations. This is accomplished through routine inspections and consultation at licensed establishments such as food facilities, public swimming pools/spas, campground/RV parks, and body art facilities within the City of Middletown to determine if the facilities are operating in a safe and sanitary manner.

Please keep in mind that an inspection report may not be representative of the overall, long-term conditions within a facility. It is important to understand that inspection information provided shows only the conditions of the facility at the time of the inspection. It is a “snapshot” of the day and time that the inspection occurred. A single inspection report should not be used to evaluate the overall operation of an establishment. Looking at a facility’s inspection results over a period of time gives a more accurate picture of that facility’s commitment to compliance.