Facility Details
Facility Name: Comfort Inn and Suites Spa
Facility Location: 201 W Fox Farm Rd, Cheyenne

Facility Information
Facility Type:   Spa
Phone Number:   (307) 514-6051
Facility Inspection History: Click on an inspection link below to see additional details.
Inspection Type Inspection Date Summary
Routine Inspection  30-Jun-2020  0 critical
Routine Inspection  24-Jun-2019  1 critical
Routine Inspection  5-Dec-2018  2 critical
Routine Inspection  29-Jun-2018  1 critical
Follow-up Inspection  11-Jan-2018  0 critical
Routine Inspection  15-Dec-2017  0 critical
Routine Inspection  31-May-2017  0 critical
Routine Inspection  17-Nov-2016  2 critical
Routine Inspection  6-Apr-2016  0 critical