Inspection Information
Facility Name: Cheyenne Days Inn Pool
Facility Type: Pool
Inspection type: Routine
Inspection date: 28-May-2019
Violations: A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Number of critical violations:2
Number of non-critical violations:1
17 / Ladders/Steps: Location, Properly Installed, Design
Railing is loose.
Tighten rail.
36 / Disnfectant in Required Range
Critical Corrected During Inspection Free chlorine low 0.46.
Free chlorine must be in 1-8 range. Corrected to 1.26.
38 / ph Range: 7.0 - 7.8.
Critical pH low 6.71.
Keep pH in between 7-7.8.
Work on keeping free chlorine in acceptable range.
Keep pool closed until pH is in acceptable range. Call this office for reinspection.