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Douglas County and its unique communities are nestled on the western tip of the Great Lake Superior. Whether you are looking for incredible scenery, rich history, rare attractions, colorful events or year-round recreational opportunities, Douglas County has something to fit your needs. Douglas County is the fourth largest county in Wisconsin (by land area). Most of the county is within a half hour's drive from Superior, the county seat of government, population 27,220 (2013) and total Douglas County population 44,279 (2013).

Douglas County is home to over 400 businesses that provide a large variety of services for dining, lodging and recreation. The Environmental Health Unit of the Douglas County Department of Health and Human Services licenses and inspects these businesses to assure that residents and visitors who visit these establishments can enjoy a healthy and safe experience.

Keep in mind that the inspection reports that you are about to review are a “snapshot” of conditions found on the date and time of the inspection. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long term operation of the facility. Please feel free to contact an Environmental Health Specialist at (715) 395-1304 if you have any questions regarding an inspection report or another comment or complaint about a facility.